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Container / NCHX/CHXFX / Colossloth / Boe&Lx Poster

£20.00 / Sold Out

—4 colour letterpress poster
—365 x 700mm
—Printed from 3mm MDF cut by hand on a knackered fret saw by a wobbly handed bloodshot eyed freak
—24pt Tembo Bold Extended cast on a Model M Ludlow Typograph
—Printed by hand on a 1972 Korrex Proofing Press
—200gsm Alga Carta Bianco
—Hand numbered edition of 25. 17 are for sale.
—The poster will be sent in a stiff cardboard tube.
—Turnaround times are 10 working days.
—Designed & printed by The Print Project, Shipley.